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  • a PADI Five Star IDC Center

We are a Belgian diving school with an international team of professional divers

Kristel Golsteyn

Founder of BB Divers

After giving up her job as a store manager in Belgium, Kristel moved to Asia, where she worked as a tour guide and dive instructor for 2 years. She fell in love with Koh Chang and decided to open BB Divers Diving School. Starting out as a one-woman business, the island and diving became more popular, so the diving school quickly turned into a successful 5-star IDC center. Kristel has been teaching divers for over 20 years and now takes care of most of the planning and organizing. In addition to opening up the second branch in BB Koh Kood, she also runs the eco-resort Cliff Cottage in Bang Bao.

BB Divers, a PADI Five Star IDC Center, is a Belgian diving school collaborating with an international team of divers. Since 2003 on Koh Chang and since 2011 on Koh Kood, BB Divers holds the distinction of being the longest-established dive center on Koh Chang. Founded by Kristel, who fell in love with the island’s beauty during one of her travels. She decided to leave the home country and move to Koh Chang. She turned her passion for diving and travel into a thriving business, BB Divers has become synonymous with professionalism and a vibrant diving community.

As the only 5-star IDC center in the area, BB Divers facilitates training for all, from beginner divers to professional dive instructors. Operating year-round with daily excursions, the dive center welcomes everyone for fun dives, snorkel trips, PADI scuba diving courses or freediving courses. BB Divers success lies in its unique approach, seeing divers and snorkelers as friends visiting, whilst ensuring a professional and enjoyable experience. Quality and service are the top priority on the BB list.

In 2011, BB Divers expanded its horizons by establishing a branch on Koh Kood. Recognizing Koh Kood as Thailand’s new tropical getaway, this move allowed BB Divers to offer diving, PADI courses, freediving, and snorkeling amidst the pristine reefs of Koh Kood and Koh Rang National Park. Trips leaving from Siam Beach, managed by Manu since the branch’s opening, ensure the that divers and snorkelers have a great day out.

In 2016, BB Divers introduced freedive training, catering to those who prefer exploring the underwater world in apnea with on single breath. Next to scuba diving, both Koh Chang and Koh Kood now offer freedive courses, trips, and training up to the professional master freediver or instructor level. As the only PADI freedive center on both islands, BB Divers provides daily training and free dive trips, positioning itself as a go-to destination for enthusiasts seeking a freediving experience. Explore our freedive page for information on the next freedive ITC. Celebrating over 20 years on Koh chang and over 10 years on Koh Kood of providing exceptional diving experiences, BB Divers remains committed to its original mix of professionalism, adventure, and a friendly atmosphere.

BB Philosophy

As divers, we cherish nature and recognize our responsibility to preserve our natural habitat. Tourism, while bringing joy, poses threats to coral reefs and marine life. BB Divers actively works to change harmful practices like walking on coral, fish feeding, and improper waste disposal. We strive for awareness and responsibility, both within our community and by educating others.

BB Team

All BB instructors and divemasters are PADI certified, teaching by the highest standards. Coming from diverse corners of the world, they bring an international flair to our diving courses, ensuring you can learn in your preferred language. The passion for diving is a common thread amongst our team, for us teaching others to dive is more than just a job—it’s a heartfelt commitment.

Many of our ‘BB-ers’ are avid travelers who initiated their dive training with BB divers and discovered their place on Koh Chang. A significant number are local islanders s who ascended the PADI ladder, achieving divemaster or instructor status. Each year, more familiar faces return for a visit or take a break from routine life, showcasing the enchanting allure of Koh Chang.

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