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We are PADI Licensed

All BB instructors and divemasters are PADI certified, teaching by the highest standards. Coming from all corners of the world, they bring an international flair to our diving courses, ensuring you can learn in your preferred language. The passion for diving is a common thread amongst our team, for us teaching others to dive is more than just a job—it’s a heartfelt commitment.

Many of our ‘BB-ers’ are avid travelers who initiated their dive training with BB divers and discovered their place on Koh Chang. A significant number are local islanders s who ascended the PADI ladder, achieving divemaster or instructor status. Each year, more familiar faces return for a visit or take a break from routine life, showcasing the enchanting allure of Koh Chang.

In addition to our international team, we are proud to have skilled Thai instructors and divemasters, many of whom underwent training through our in-house internship program. Their local expertise adds immense value as dive guides, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience on our boats. The diverse composition of our BB staff guarantees your safety while adding a touch of fun to your diving adventures

BB divers' boats

Our scuba dive boats are originally Thai fishing boats, which were comfortably reconstructed for diving. There is ample space for dive equipment and areas for non-divers to relax, chat, or even take a siesta on the way back from a day out. For safety, we take a dingy boat with us to the dive sites.

Koh Chang boats

Koh Chang utilizes four boats, with the largest, conveniently named the “Big Boat” Blue Lagoon, licensed for 50 people and capable of holding 100 tanks, the smallest being a speedboat, used for half day trips. For our daily trips we use the big wooden boats. The boats are also available for charter based on availability.

Big Boat

Featuring two decks, the lower deck is dedicated to carry the dive equipment, while the top deck offers abundant space to relax in the sun or find shade under the roof. Licesned for 50 p, carrying 100 tanks.

BB4 boat

The "BB4" boat, licensed for a maximum of 40 people and carrying 100 tanks, provides a comfortable setup for dive equipment. Its top deck is furnished with mattresses and a roof to shield you from the sun during the journey to the dive sites. There is an extra sundeck on top of the captains' cabin.

Sky Saeng boat

The smallest boat, 'Sky Saeng,' accommodates a maximum of 30 persons and carries 50 tanks, featuring a beautiful, relaxing, and protected top deck.

BBspeedy boat

For smaller groups or private trips, we use a speedboat licensed for 15 people, equipped with a dive tank rack and comfortable seating. The speedboat is usually planned for half day trips, or can be chartered for half or full day.

Koh Kood boats

Koh Kood employs two large wooden boats for the daily trips. Daily trips are planned or depending availability the boat can be chartered for a private trip.

Saiwaree boat

Since 2023, we have introduced a new boat to our Koh Kood branch, enabling us to offer trips to Koh Rang National Park, to the local Koh Kood sites or a longer trip to the famous wreck HTMS Chang and Koh Chang sites. The Saiwaree can accommodate a maximum of 40 people and provides ample space for equipment and 60 tanks

Pi Chai Yut boat

daily used is the "Pi Chai Yut," a wooden boat with two decks, licensed for 50 people and holding 50 tanks. The top deck is multifunctional, serving for relaxation, dining, sunbathing, and recreational activities. The dive equipment is set up on the lower deck.

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